“D” is a great letter!
Emails soon led to long chat sessions in which we
often typed EXACTLY the same thing at the same
time!  Chats gave way to phone calls and eventually
we decided to meet.  With Dana living in Arkansas
and Dwayne living in Alabama, this involved hours
of driving for both.  We finally settled on dinner
in Conway, AR, (3 hours for Dana, 6 for Dwayne)
so we could drive off in opposite directions if the
meeting went awry. 
In the first half of 2007, we both signed up for eHarmony (yes, we are one of those couples)
and, based on our personalities and preferences, were soon “matched” together.  The truth is
Dana almost rejected the match based on a hasty perception of Dwayne being “arrogant” ...
such a sad and wrong first impression!!
We ate at Mike’s Place and, as the picture proves, dinner went well!  Eventually leading to this.