Short Stories

Telling an exciting story, with a twist or subtle point, in a few thousand words requires different writing “muscles” than the slower and deeper development of a novel.  Yet, they offer an easily digested form of entertainment that … hopefully … leaves the reader satisfied.  Here are several of my short stories to date (be sure to click the links):

Dark Times” – My first published fiction!  While the writing does reflect my earlier inexperience in the art of crafting an enjoyable tale, the story is entertaining.  I’ll always be thankful to James Ferris (editor) and the crew at Kerlak for including this in their anthology about all things dragon, aptly named Dragons Composed.

Blue Shoes” -  Again, Kerlak to the rescue as Mark Fitzgerald (editor) selected this for an upcoming anthology tentatively entitled WTF.   Yes, it does mean what you think, but the catch is there’s a zero-tolerance policy for any foul language!  Euphemisms abound.  My writing improved considerably for this second publication.

Artificial Love” – Published in the SteamPunk anthology, Dreams of Steam.

Protege” – Published in the SteamPunk anthology, Dreams of Steam 2: Brass and Bolts.

The Essence of Kris” – This story represents an earlier, unpublished effort that plays on the notion of life after death and justice … but not in the way you might expect.  The link leads to the entire story, so if you have a few minutes, read it and give me your thoughts.  Enjoy!

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