Born in the Deep South, Dwayne DeBardelaben currently lives in Huntsville, Alabama.  While it might be rude to call him old, he did grow up in the day and age when … gasp! … phones were connected to the wall and the only remote control consisted of dad telling one of the kids to change the channel. 

Educationally speaking, he graduated from the University of Alabama Huntsville with a degree in Electrical Engineering and later completed a Master of Divinity program at Central Baptist Seminary. 

He began his writing career when his younger son, Kyle, emphatically declared, “Dad, there’s no way you could write a novel!”  Nine months later, Dwayne proved him wrong by producing an exciting, middle-grade, science-fiction thriller.  Unfortunately, his son didn’t say, “Dad, there’s no way you could get a novel published,” so the novel is now serving as the basis for an upcoming podcasts series instead!

Dwayne’s older son, Drew, having served our country with the United States Air Force, is now back in Huntsville preparing for an advanced degree, while Kyle is working to complete a Business degree at Dwayne’s alma mater.  His wife, Dana; step-daughter, Ashley;  step-son, Andrew (when he visits);  Zorro, the fattest cat on the face of the planet;  and Sandy, the dog who climbs like a cat, provide inspiration, comfort, and much amusement at home.

Contact him at  …   dwayne AT debardelaben DOT org.

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